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Lift Slide Door Hardware
Lift Slide Door Hardware | Italian design | Buy Now

Handles for lift and slide doors have become a crucial point of harmony on the wing, thanks to experienced designers in lift-slide handles boast modern and contemporary finished in polished chrome and satin chrome, while traditionalists offer lift-slide handles with polished gold ancient characteristics. In the commercial sector they are used instead handles lift-slide stainless steel or brushed steel with the possibility of antibacterial treatments tested scientifically reducing germs of 99.99%.

Motivated years of experience, and analysis in the area of seals for doors, allowed a strict selection of the best Italian brands. Manufacturers , as Hoppe, Apro, Colombo Design, Ghidini Group, Antologhia, Tropex Design, ZB maniglie, all distinguished by their quality. 

Team Maniglieria

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