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We present online a wide range of doors handles of different sizes, shapes and finishes. After years of accrued experience in the industry, we offer our customers the best producers as Hoppe, Colombo Design,Tropex Design, Ghidini Group Ensuring quality and lasting. Also all our cranks fully respect the rules of European legislation.

We have grab bars in chrome and satin chrome square-shaped suitable to the modern style now fully integrated into our homes, handles for doors in shiny gold or classic rustic antique finishes and handles very characteristics. Using an appropriate installation kit, each handle can be mounted either on doors typical of glass doors, having the right to choose whether through (mounted in pairs) or through (by mounting one).

In the commercial sector instead they are used for door handles made of stainless steel or brushed steel with the Possibility of antibacterial treatments tested scientifically reducing germs of 99.99% .For the defense from atmospheric attacks instead, the famous Colombo Design Provides up to 30 years with His finishes Zirconium and Zirconium gold HPS stainless-steel HPS. 

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