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Tilt and Turn Window Handles
Tilt and Turn Window Handles | For Vasistas System |

Years of research have channeled to only use seals of quality and prestige, thanks to them we offer a wide collection of the best window handles dk. Beauty and safety to make one, we offer all kinds of hammers, material, finish and functionality. Picks dk modern polished chrome and satin chrome, window handles classic in shiny gold or bronze, window handles made of stainless steel or resin suitable especially for the commercial field, there are also the hammers luxury with Swarovski embedded dall'eccelsa presence

As for the security we give ample space to the leader par excellence, founder of the renowned Hoppe multiple security systems for window handles Dk anti burglary. As technology for hammers Dk Secustik ® that prevents tampering from the outside by locking Secu100 ® technology with high strength and closing with key technology SecuDuplex ® dual function of closing pressure on the cylinder, technology KISI2 ® against ' undesired opening of the children inside, and in the end SecuSignal® technology that allows to control the status remotely using radio waves. Moreover, all the patents cited fulfill the requirements of the European DIN 18267.

We are dealers of the best Italian brands, whose product quality is placed always on top ensuring years of lasting and effective. 

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