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Window Handles On Plate
Window Handles on Plate | For wooden windows

The  windows handles on plate have the same function of the windows handles Dk or closing and opening of the shutter. The difference lies in the fact that the windows handles on plate have an architecture of mounting different and are only imposed on wooden doors and windows, instead the windows handles Dk are installed with a single pin 7 mm of aluminum frames and compatible with the ability to rotate 180 degrees for the limelight.

Best sellers are the windows handles on plate brass and aluminum with soft lines or classic boxy and modern, finished in satin chrome or polished chrome. Important to mention the ancient window handles in shiny gold, with traditional features widely used in Tuscany. Details are windows handle rustic, which undergo specific treatments look as if they were created hundreds of years ago, perfect for an antique, vintage or nordic.

We have window handles of high quality window framed by industry leaders such as the renowned Hoppe, as well as our trusted partner for decades. Our success is constantly fed by the experience assumed with our customers, and respond adequately to their requests is for us of primary importance.

 Team Maniglieria

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