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Furniture Knobs
Furniture Knobs

If we wanted to give a touch of originality to the cabinet, the kitchen or the entire house, including the knobs for furniture 'll be sure what we need, because the field is so extensive that it is just to evaluate and choose. We selected by the demands of our customers, the best references of the most renowned companies with the aim to satisfy every taste. Best sellers are the knobs for furniture in brass and zinc alloy, often characterized by stylized drawings and recesses, special wooden knobs are available in various colors perfect for a room where wood prevails. For colored knobs there is no place more appropriate than a children's room, perhaps embellishing the cabinet doors or furniture making harmony with a touch of decor. In the kitchen they are in great demand in the ceramic knobs both neutral and those with screen printing.

We have knobs for high quality furniture and guaranteed-designed by industry leaders. Our success is constantly fed by the experience assumed with our customers, and respond adequately to their requests is for us of primary importance.

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