Antologhia - Door Handle With Plate - Palatino KPA11P


Classic door handle with plate Antologhia Palatino series. Center distance: Distance between handgrip and key hole. Guarantee 10 years.

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Boxed Yes
Fixing accessories included Yes
Door Tickness 36 - 45 mm
pair of handles Yes
Version On Oval Backplate
Keyhole available Oval - Yale
Type composition Brass
Height 225 mm
Width 110 mm
Depth 44 mm
Spindle size 8 mm
Warranty finish 10 years warranty
Designer Colombo Design

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Antologhia handles have been reinvented through the search for ancient models and artisanal production processes. The new handles proposed by Antologhia emerged after careful search among selective models of the past. They are aimed at rediscovering in various eras of style, the exemplary and timeless value of beauty.

Industrial design has at times given brilliant answers to this need for quality, but always focusing on solutions that are consistent with and bound to these modern means of production. But it had neither the pretensions nor the opportunity to answer the question, more radical and refined, of those who missed the warmth and irreplaceable value things had when it was man's hands that gave them body and line.  Along these lines Antologhia's handle can also be called fascinating time machines.


To characterize them and qualify them is also the recovery, in their manufacture, on one side of the manual the dexterity during finishing and on the other the techniques like sand casting. It follows, among other things, a reversal in educational evaluation criteria themselves: occasional signs of corrosion or porosity or wrinkles, that would usually be treated as defects and therefore waste in normal production with mechanical molds, become again - as always in products - valuable additions: certifcation of authenticity and uniqueness and magical visibility caresses the case to a human work.

Fusione in terra - maniglia antologhia


Old idea, and now augmented by refined technologies, the merger is a creative intervention on the metal with the help of two essential primordial elements earth and fire. At the beginning of everything there is the mold, made of damp clayey sand, that houses, by pressure, the footprint of the original models that are to be reproduced, and holds it in two parts, on above an one below, that fit togheter like the halves of a shell.

Opened the mold and then extracted the models, a system of channels is set up in wich the molten metal can flow into the sand and reach the bollow shapes that have been defined. It is now the most striking moment and you will understand why once the art of metallurgy was seen in a god called Vulcan. Brass, led to a liquid in a furnace at high temperatures and collected with cups of casting, the mold is poured into the channels through appropriate wells funnel. It's still hot.

fusione in terra delle amniglie antologhia


Natural finishing oxidation along the years bring about a typical patina on the object surface, which haven't been treated, awarding the autenticity and the craftwork of the collection.


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Antologhia - Door Handle With Plate - Palatino KPA11P

Antologhia - Door Handle With Plate - Palatino KPA11P

Classic door handle with plate Antologhia Palatino series. Center distance: Distance between handgrip and key hole. Guarantee 10 years.

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