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ZB Handles born in Brescia (Italy), a company entirely Italian, great producer of door handles and handles coordinated, characterized by multiple styles, such modern classics and contemporary. 

ZB Maniglie is a company made in Italy, a producer of  a manufacturer of door sets. ZB has a vast catalog of handles for interior doors, for windows and sliding doors. The style of ZB is innovative and genuine, a mix of mostly modern attributes. Neat and precise lines on the handles, combined with current finishes such as polished chrome or satin chrome give life to the handles of ZB who care details and quality always with specific processes of production and quality control.

In the middle between the extreme modern style and sumptuous, ZB offers manicured handles with swarovski, accompanied by a polished chrome finish, perfect combination of luster. ZB is the right partner for door handles quality.

 Team Maniglieria

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