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Hoppe founded in Germany, the world leader in the sector has been in business for over 50 years. Hoppe offer a wide range of door and window handles in aluminum, stainless steel, brass and resin. Hoppe is the right choice for handles of quality.   

HOPPE offers you an extensive range of door handles and window handles made from aluminium, stainless steel, nylon and brass.Our broad range of products leaves almost nothing to be desired. Modern or classic, straight lines or curved – our hardware can include subtle design features, some is designed to be eye-catching and some has been developed by well-known designers. Take our "handle Monte Carlo" , for example. We developed this in close collaboration with renowned Italian designer GIUGIARO.As well as shape, the various surface structures of the hardware also lend a truly unique character. This is further enhanced by the range of colours available.All these features shape the look and feel of the selected hardware. They can be combined in a whole host of different ways so you can customise your windows and doors.Here is just a small selection of the wide range of HOPPE products, focusing on sets on rose with escutcheons for interior doors.

According to HOPPE, a brand-name product keeps its promise of quality to the enduser. As a way of ensuring this, we give a 10-year operational guarantee on all door and window handles, as long as the respective assembly and maintenance guidelines are fulfilled.

For our Resista® hardware, we offer a 10-year surface guarantee. This hardware has undergone continual quality testing and, when new, conforms to the requirements of the European standard EN 1670. Resista® hardware is ideal for coastal areas and highly frequented areas such as public buildings, shops and hotels. Dirt can easily be removed with a damp cloth. The use of caustic cleansers or chemicals should be avoided. No further special care is needed.

Hoppe is the founder of multiple security systems for window handles Dk burglary. As technology  Secustik for window handles Dk that prevents tampering from the outside by locking, Secu100 technology with high strength and closing with key. SecuDuplex technology with dual function of closing pressure on the cylinder, technology KISI2 against undesired opening of the children inside, SecuSignal technology that allows you to check the status remotely using radio waves.

At HOPPE, consideration for the environment is of “constitutional” importance, the manufacture of hardware in an environmentally-considerate way, the recycling of waste-water and the use of a circulatory system for water required in manufacture, bio-degradable packaging, the use of recyclable scrap in the internal raw material cycle, the use of process heat, the generation of alternative energy, energy efficiency measures, membership of the Hesse State Environmental Alliance .

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