Sicurfer S.r.l.

The "SICURFER" was born in the mid 80's by Mr. NAPOLITANO ERMINIO receiving a long technical experience from his father MICHELE in the frame and metal structural work.

Born as a shop specialized for security, then transformed into a 'company whose "core business" is represented by the wholesale and retail of hardware, technical articles for the industry and handicrafts.

The company is located in Nola at Via San Paolo Belsito, in its own premises, of about 800 sq m., Of which 200 square meters are intended for sale and exhibition, while the remainder is used as a warehouse. Through our commitment, in search of new shopping channels, offering a range of products more and more competitive, the SICURFER has seen a continued growth of specialist market today includes a large audience of manufacturing companies, from small artisans such as blacksmiths, carpenters and fabricators, as well as to large companies.

This steady growth has resulted in the will of the owner to give the individual firm SICURFER OF ERMINIO NAPOLITANO in SICURFER SRL with the entry of new shareholders in the company structure. The consolidated experience in various areas of specialization and in particular in that of the "handles" has seen the emergence, in recent times, with a showroom dedicated to "handles copyright" with quality products that have found a great response thanks the refinement and the care of features.

The desire for growth and awareness that the search for new areas of sales is the way to achieve it, in April of 2011, the company has added to the traditional trade on-line, which, in small steps, is reaching customers and international markets.

With the 2013 opening "doors": the adventure continues!

Brand was born APRO

The company, created the idea of ​​a new challenge. A project aimed at the commercialization of new products that complete the experience in the field of "handles":

Brand was born Apro

An agreement with important trading partners worldwide manufacturers of the sector, which has always combine design, quality and price to satisfy everyone's needs in everything that can be connected to the meaning of the brand.

The mission is aimed at professionals specialized in the field of windows that directly entertain and assist the end users.

Reliability, professionalism, enthusiasm, as well as the desire to get in the game constantly, are the hallmarks of this company making it competitive and a leader in its sector.