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Olivari - Door Handle - Aurelia M185RB8 CR bright chrome
  • Olivari - Door Handle - Aurelia M185RB8 CR bright chrome
  • Olivari - Door Handle - Aurelia M185RB8 data shet patent hole

Olivari - Door Handle - Diva M256RB8B


Olivari Diva series on rose. Made of solid brass.

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Content of the package

  • Pair of handles
  • 2 Rosettes
  • 2 Return Spring
  • 2 Escutcheons
  • Pair of hex key
  • Spindle square 8x8 mm
  • Panel screws

Colors available

  • Bright Chrome - Warranty 10 years
  • Satin Chrome - Warranty 10 years
  • SuperGold Satin - Warranty 30 years
  • SuperBronze Satin - Warranty 10 years
  • SuperAnthracite Satin - Warranty 10 years

Keyhole available

  • Key Hole (Patent)
  • Yale Cylinder Hole

Olivari Diva's Design

The Diva Olivari handle stands out for its smooth profile, equipped with a thin 5 mm rose. The finishes available are 5, including the patented Olivari Superfinishes.

If used in accordance with instructions and maintenance guidelines, Olivari superfinishing Gold, Nickel and Stainless Steel have a 30-year guarantee, Superfinishing in Anthracite, Copper and bronze have 10-year guarantee.

Window coordinates are also available for the diva model.


Official Partner Maniglieria

Since 1911 Olivari has been manufacturing door handles at its own factories in Italy where the entire production process takes place. Starting with brass billets, the handles are forged, milled, polidhes, buffed, chrome- plated and hallmarked with a laser.

Throughout the 100-plus years of its manufacturing history, olivari has earned distinction for the quality of its products and the reputation of its brand. From generation to generation, the Olivari family has passed down the attention for detail, the quest for innovation, and above all, a passion for working to high standards.

Production Cycle

A distinctive feature at Olivari is the fact that the entire manufacturing process takes place exclusively at the Olivari factory in Borgomanero, northwest of Milan. Olivari products are not just in Made in Italy, they are Made in Borgomanero, Made in Olivari. This special feature ensures constant high quality, dependability and durability.

Made only in brass, Olivari products go through a precise sequence of phases: hot forging and shearing, mechanical processing, grinding, vibratory finishing, polishing, galvanic deposition, physical vapour deposition (PVD) and laser marking. In addition, all the technical components made in resin, brass sheet and steel sheet are forged and assembled in the same factory. 
Every phase of the production cycle is meticulously controlled to guarantee contant quality over time.

Brass, Chromium plating and Superfinishing

BRASS: Olivari uses only titrated and certified brass, an alloy made of copper and zinc. The shapes are obtained by hot forging and mechanical processing with swarf removal. These specific technologies allow olivari to obtain products devoid of porosity and inclusions. This guarantees superior mechanical resistnace. With these apposite measures, Olivari obtains the optimum conditions of preparation for the metal depositions of chromium plating and physical vapour deposition coatings under high vacuum.

CHROMIUM PLATING: The galavanisation process of applying metallic coats of nickel and chrome makes the product abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Olivari's chromed products offer corrosion protection for over 1000 hours of exposure to salt spray, and possess surface hardness equal to 800 micro Vickers.

SUPERFINISHING (Phisical Vapour Deposition): It is applied to products that have already been chromed, in order to obtain maximum resistance to wear and tear. In fact, PVD increases the surface hardness to three times that of chromium plating. Since 2004 Olivari has been using this technology, wich has the additional benefit of offering metallic colours that cannot be produced with traditional galvanisation. PVD coating has exceptional performance in stability and longevity of the colour, making the products last and last

Luca Casini draws the Diva handle

Luca Casini (IT)

"I wanted to create a simple but elegant handle with a full-bodied and comfortable grip. I think obtained a good result with Diva, where the surfacesare generated by two opposing convex curves moving from the rosette to the tip of the handle forming a curve that gradually softens," Luca Casini

Do you need help with assembly? Watch the video.

The illustrative video on the side shows in 38 seconds how to assemble a handle for interior doors, specifically it is not an Olivari handle, but in principle the pieces to be assembled and the procedure to be followed is the same for all the handles of this type. For example: with handles of other brands it could happen that the return spring is already assembled on the handle, while in the case in the video, it is well known that the springs are separated from the handle. The latter is the only difference you might see from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore just arm yourself with a Phillips screwdriver and a little patience.

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Data sheet

Gold Matt
PVD - Whit Warranty
Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome
Type composition
51 mm
146 mm
52 mm
pair of handles
Fixing accessories included
Spindle size
8 mm
Luca Casini


PDF Manutenzione

Scarica il pdf con le avvertenze sulla manutenzione della Olivari ABC.

Download (98.4k)

PDF Serie Diva

Scarica il pdf con i dettagli della serie Diva di Olivari!

Download (537.34k)

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