• Apro


    Apro, an agreement with major commercial partners world producers in the field of handles, which always combine design, quality and price to satisfy everyone's needs in everything that can be connected to the meaning of the brand. 

  • Arieni
  • Colombo Design

    Colombo Design

    Colombo Design is a fresh, design-oriented, family company established in 1990 in Terno d’Isola, in Northern Italy. A worldwide point of reference for the true Made in Italy within the door handles and the bathroom accessories field. 

  • Ghidini Pietro Bosco

    Ghidini Pietro Bosco

    Ghidini Group Italian company since 1929 engaged in the handles with fantastic results. Ghidini Group is therefore a sure point of reference for the sector with a single manufacturer offering a wide-ranging catalogue of interior door handles and window handles.   

  • Hoppe


    Hoppe founded in Germany, the world leader in the sector has been in business for over 50 years. Hoppe offer a wide range of door and window handles in aluminum, stainless steel, brass and resin. Hoppe is the right choice for handles of quality.   

  • Mital


     Mital has thirty years experience in the creation and production of handles, becoming one of the leading companies that set the trends in the furniture fittings.Mital is the true Italian design, the true italian design. 

  • Reguitti
  • Technomax
  • ZB Maniglie

    ZB Maniglie

    ZB Handles born in Brescia (Italy), a company entirely Italian, great producer of door handles and handles coordinated, characterized by multiple styles, such modern classics and contemporary.