Maniglione per porta - Tropex - Seire 3N20.20.94


Handle Door Tropex series 3N20.20.94

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The importance of the Tropex Design market comes from noble adn precious materials such as stainless steel. The result of different cultures, supported by expereriences and innovations, our ideas and our projects meet the needs of the changing market, solving the challenges that contemporary technology shows.The company offers handles and pull handles in stainless steel AISI 304, of all shapes and sizes. In search of evolution, Tropex responds with the stainless steel AISI 316L much more resistant recommended for the external environment because it ensures a better resistance to corrosion.


Antibacterials handles (where expected): Tropex Design has introduced a new treatment that makes the surfaces of our products repellent to bacterial agents, to molds, or micro-organism, and having also a strong benefit in term of resistence to scratches and abrasion that are characteristic of uses in social places. this process consists in applying a particular gloss paint based on advanced nano-technological material that adhere on the finished surface of the article. The substance used, produced by a leading italian company, complies with the most restrictive standard for use in the public areas and it accompanied by international certifications that attest the efficacy of the antibacterial product.


The seriousness and professionalism, the enthusiasm and the desire to get in the game constantly, are the hallmarks of this company making it competitive and a leader in her sector. Specializing in designer handles and accessories unique in the genre. Also the handles are certified for a correct operation lasting for years, obviously following the correct procedures of maintenance and cleaning.


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Maniglione per  porta - Tropex - Seire 3N20.20.94

Maniglione per porta - Tropex - Seire 3N20.20.94

Handle Door Tropex series 3N20.20.94

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