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    The choice of the right  handle, is influenced by some characteristics to consider. Motivated years of experience, and analysis in the area of ​​seals for doors, allowed a strict selection of the best Italian brands. Known manufactures, as Hoppe, Apro, Colombo Design, Ghidini Group, Antologhia, Tropex Design, ZB maniglie, all distinguished by their quality. In addition, all seals fully meet the requirements of European legislation for handles and knobs DIN EN 1906.

    You will notice several handles for interior doors, each suited to each type of place your environment. Modern door handles and contemporary adapted to current market demands, classic handles for environments traditionally handles rustic and antique handles much sought after in the beloved Tuscany, and in the end the handles with Swarovski very pleasant environments and present gifts. Far from the commercial sector instead, where they are mainly used for door handles in stainless steel or brushed steel with the possibility of antibacterial treatments tested scientifically reducing germs of 99.99%.

    The light source of a handle is the color or finish, thanks to the use of an interactive configurator alongside every product we made the choice simple, enabling you to view and compare handles in shiny gold, satin chrome, polished chrome, bronzed , silver, satin gold up to the special finishes to last over time as technology Resist for Hoppe, or the finish Zirconium and Zirconium gold HPS stainless-steel HPS Colombo Design allows up to 30 years of integrity.

    Our success is constantly fed by the experience assumed with our customers, and respond adequately to their requests is for us of primary importance.

    Team Maniglieria


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    The window handles are divided into, window handles DK,  and handles to lift and slide. With the evolution of technology also handles window frames have undergone changes to meet the current market demands. Modern styles mixed with current finishes have allowed the window handles a well-deserved praise on windows.

    Also for this type the main alloys are brass, aluminum, stainless steel and resin. To finish instead the inevitable chrome and satin chrome, the coveted gold polish on wooden doors and windows, or simple stainless steel. The cremone for windows are often used for wooden doors and windows with specific movements, different speech for the hammers dk which act for aluminum frames and folding.

    E 'it is known also that the windows if not equipped with special safety systems may be subject to violations by side. In this context we give a lot of space to the leader par excellence, founder of the renowned Hoppe multiple security systems for window handles Dk .Like technology hammers Dk Secustik ® that prevents tampering from the outside by locking technology with high Secu100 ® resistance and closing with key technology SecuDuplex ® dual function of closing pressure on the cylinder, technology KISI2 ® against undesired opening of the children inside, and in the end SecuSignal® technology that allows to control the status remotely via radio waves. Moreover, all the patents cited fulfill the requirements of the European DIN 18267.

    We are dealers of the best Italian brands, whose product quality is placed always on top ensuring years of lasting and effective.

      Team Maniglieria

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