Sliding Door Handles
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Sliding door handles

Sliding door handles
 play an important role in the enrichment aesthetic of the door. The kit includes two latches and a thimble, with ability to perform various tasks depending on the model chosen. As illustrated in the picture, in the left margin there is a kit for sliding door blind, or without a lock which takes the form of a 'pan'. Otherwise, if we need closing function, we will opt for a kit for sliding door including lock, carrying handle, and opening system with coin. (Right edge of the image).

The latter as the door handles are manufactured in various materials, such as brass, steel and aluminum. To finish instead, from classical satin chrome, polished chrome, shiny gold, and bronze, as far as the rustic and antique finishes. Among many, we offer kits for sliding doors for modern environments cutting edge kit for sliding doors classic traditional environments and kit for sliding doors equipped with luxury Swarovski set for the areas most sumptuous.

We are a dealer of the best Italian brands, whose product quality is always placed in the first floor providing years of enduring. In addition, all seals fully meet the requirements of European legislation for handles and knobs DIN EN 1906.


  Team Maniglieria