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Public Buildings Door Handles
Public Buildings Door Handles | Fire Door Handles

As well known to the local public and commercial activities exploit other types of materials to furnish your environments. Stainless steel handles reign undisputed for their rigidity and high hygiene, attributes fundamental to deal with countless cycles. Follow resin handles in black and white color suitable mainly for food operations and beyond, even hospitals and hotels where the influx of people is very high. In these cases, in addition to hygiene, a handle for commercial activity it is assumed that perform many cycles of opening and closing, we propose handles specially built to be stressed 24 hours a day and last for years. Also available handles for fire doors also used in the commercial for the prevention of fires, made to fulfill the requirements of the European standard DIN 18273 this type of seals must remain intact even in the event of excessive heat. For environments that require strict hygienic conditions are available handles and antibaterical handles undergoing specific treatment reducing bacteria 99.99%.

We undertake to offer our customers the actual technologies that the market offers to best meet the shopping experience. Respond adequately to their requests is for us of primary importance, while remaining firmly convinced that the beauty of things is in the details.

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