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Handles and Knobs Furniture
 Handles and Knobs Furniture | Italian Design | Buy Now

Handles and knobs for furniture although a small part of the furniture, with the right combination can create the right harmony affirming the beauty in the details of things. These designer accessories simple and inexpensive to replace, they can be renewed with the changing of furniture with ease, making rediscover the harmony of furniture that time has gradually eased.

The main material involved in the manufacture of these accessories is the zamak and porcelain, where each of them located value in each part of the house, for example in the kitchen for the handles ceramic drawn. Continue in minority knobs and handles for furniture in the famous brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ABS, polyester and wood.

The colors are varied, to ensure that marry with the coveted wood colors or with modern colors like white, red and black. He handles available in satin chrome, polished chrome handles, knobs in polished and bronzed. In addition to the environments more festive and colorful the prestigious company Mital produces knobs polyester of various colors, suitable for bedrooms and playrooms.

For the quality of our products we make reference to the main Italian leaders in the industry as Colombo Design with the collection Formae and the aforementioned Mital known in many European territories.

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